Welcome to the Creative Odd Duck’s strange little corner of the digital world. Here you will find samples of my writing and photography, links on where to find my work and updates on both.

Anxious Art

Anxious Art is where you will find all my digital, visual and transdisciplinary artwork.


I enjoy and appreciate all forms and types of photography. My personal work is composed mainly of macro and landscape photography take with a Canon EOS Rebel T5i. I live and work out the Kingston, Ontario area, much of my work features my hometown and surrounding area. Living in the Thousand Islands area in Ontario, Canada, there is never a shortage of subjects. A great deal of my work is centered around the natural world, lots of beautiful flora and fauna, forests, lakes, not that I’m adverse to photographing cities and people and structures.

Creative Fiction

I am currently working on my first full-length novel, as well as writing short fiction. I love exploring human nature and the world through science fiction, fantasy and horror. These are the tales that will be found in the fiction section in the weeks and months ahead. The first short is already available for download, Fine in the Face of the End, Again. It is available in .pdf and kindle format. Right now it is available for free in .pdf here, and for anyone in the position to help out a starving, anxiety-ridden writer, the fully formatted kindle version is available on the Amazon platform. It’s also part of Kindle Unlimited, it’s included in your subscription, and I get paid.

OK, So What Else…

I am currently in the process of working out the kinks, seeing what works and what doesn’t with the site, which includes the look and content of course. I am trying to take my time and get it right without going at a snails pace, but I also need to make sure I have time for the actual work and I have a family. Oh and a life, albeit not a very exciting one. There will be times when I don’t post for a few days (yeah I know, how can I not be chained to the pretty pretty Surface, and she is pretty) But don’t fear! It means I am working on something new. Otherwise, I will try my best to be up-to-date (and at least mildly interesting if I can manage it).

Oh yeah, One Final Thing…

So, this is my own little corner of the digital universe, and it’s not like there isn’t plenty of room. So fair warning, I don’t stand for rude, derogatory, hateful or otherwise despicable behaviour one wouldn’t dream of performing in front of their parents/priest/god/boss. I do moderate the comments section automatically, and I will boot it. Bottom line, treat me and everyone else as you expect to be treated, we will get along just fine. Act like something better left to the back half of a donkey, again the boot for you.

Ok, now we’re good. Hope you enjoy!

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